Talking about myself does not come easily to me but talking about my work, makes me very passionate, and by that I mean talkative.


My services include :

Time Management
Self Organization
Home and Residential Organization
Home Business Organization
Travel Organization











Some people are naturally organised, while others are consciously organised. For those who are naturals, they are organised but are unable to explain or rationalise their behaviour and thoughts. Conscious organisers tend to have a better train of thought. Being organised means being productive in your daily life and being able to fulfil your goals sooner. It means wasting less time of looking for things, it means showing up on time instead of making excuses and using lies to cover for your lack of punctuality. Just putting things away in storage boxes does not make you organised, not unless it makes you more productive!

Methods we use change over time for many reasons :

    1.  There has been a life changing event such as the birth of a child or the death of someone we love.
    2.  Divorce and marriage is also a very common reason.
    3.  Losing your job or getting a new job.
    4.  Health issues
    5.  A new system hits the internet and everyone is talking about it ..... and many more

... the fact is that while all these reasons may lead to a positive change in our organisation methods, these are also the reasons for us to get ourselves into a mess (mentally, emotionally and physically).

I am a naturally organised - I have always been. I love to see things neat and tidy (even if it is the store room) but I also have to be consciously organised because I have a very bad memory. Blame it on medication, blame it on anything except genetics because both my parents have excellent memories but the fact is that I can't remember much. So I created some simple rules for myself :

   1.  It has to make sense to me
   2.  It has to be kept near to where I use it
   3.  I keep a written record of where I store anything that I use less than once a month
   4.  I have learnt to respect that not all organised people think alike, and I thank my husband for this practical knowledge.
   5.  In times of uncertainty, I become even more passionate with organising my home, because it helps me to stay grounded and I do not feel so out of control.

In 1990, I got my first Bachelors Degree. I was not able to put that to much use as I got married almost immediately and in 1994 I had my lovely daughter and in 1997, I had twin boys. I was a SAHM (stay at home mum) and very happy to spend time with my children and keeping home for them.
As they grew older and started attending nursery and then kindergarten, I was ready for a new adventure of my own. I decided to study Psychology & Counselling.

I spent the next few years working with children with ADHD and women with mental disorders. With each client, I learnt something new and yet I also saw certain similarities and I got a deeper and better understanding of how important schedules and priorities were to having a successful life. I continued my private counselling and also worked with students from International Schools in Kuala Lumpur.

During this time, I got the opportunity to write articles for magazines, speak at Expat and Rotary Clubs and create recipes using food high in vitamins and minerals needed by those combating depression and ADHD (recipes for the elimination diet).

A few years later, I had to stop counselling due to health reasons and this took me on yet another journey, this time as the administrator at my family business - a travel agency with my father and my husband (yes! they have always been business partners). My ability to organise and implement systems and of course the fact that I was no longer working full time, made me the obvious choice. Here, I realised how frustrating it was to train staff and then have them leave. Every little while I found myself laden with the responsibility of training someone new. Eventually, I decided to write a short manual of all the things they needed to know, along with examples, worksheets and even the legal obligations of a travel agent. Find out more about how this manual made into the world here -  Travel Consultant Program.

My next milestone came when my children moved to Singapore in pursuit of tertiary education, I realised how useful my skills in organising were in managing the move and setting up their apartment. I then decided to formalise my love of organising with a proper accreditation and that was how I began this journey of helping people love themselves and their surroundings. 





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